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Flies are one of the most common household pests in the United States. ATAP Pest Control understands how annoying flies can be and how difficult they can be to live with. We make it simple to get rid of flies and can even help you keep them at bay with ongoing protective and preventative treatments.

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ATAP Pest Control knows a thing or two about bugs. When it comes to insects like flies, we always do our best to completely control and eliminate the problem. We use cutting-edge methods and premium products to ensure thorough and dependable results, whether it’s a recurring treatment plan, an ongoing prevention program, or a one-time extermination service. We take pride in providing exceptional value, which includes superior customer service, long-term peace of mind, ongoing protection, and ready availability should the problem reoccur! We can even assist you in locating the source of your fly problem and resolving it so that it does not reoccur in the future. Look at our reviews to see why we are Chicagoland’s most trusted pest control company!

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The Chicagoland area is no stranger to a wide variety of bugs, and flies are no exception. In fact, there are over 150,000 species of flies in the world, each with distinct characteristics and behaviors that set it apart from the others. While it may appear that we have 150,000 species of fly in Chicagoland, the truth is that we only have a few types of fly that are common, and they are extremely abundant. If your home is suffering as a result of these pests, it’s time to take action and contact the team at ATAP Pest and Fly Control for fly extermination services.

Common Flies – Drain and Light Solutions:

  • The most common type of fly found in the United States is the house fly. They are small, fast, multiply quickly, and prefer to live near humans because they feed on garbage and feces. As such, they are well-known disease and bacterial carriers.
  • Fruit flies are distinguished by their distinctive yellow color and their preferred diet of fruit and fermenting residues. Because of the fermenting alcoholic beverages inside, they are commonly found in orchards, vegetable plots, pubs, and even around breweries.
  • Flesh flies get their name because their larvae develop in rotting flesh and meat, so they are frequently found on animal carcasses and roadkill.

ATAP Pest Control specializes in the removal of all types of flies, including all species at all stages of development. Fly larvae are commonly referred to as maggots, and maggots have been observed feeding on a variety of foods such as fruits, meats, and vegetables. They are commonly found in trash cans (particularly outdoor trash cans), but they can also make their way into your refrigerator, pantry, or countertop fruit basket so be careful with all of your food. ATAP Fly Control can eliminate both maggot populations and adult flies for complete extermination.

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Ongoing Protection Against Flies

If you’re sick of flies buzzing around your property or making your patio or deck unbearable, preventive measures can help. Investing in insect repellant candles, as well as outdoor fans that create air currents that disrupt fly flight patterns, will help. There is, however, no substitute for professional fly treatments from the ATAP Pest Control team. Our fly exterminators and prevention services eliminate fly colonies on your property and keep them away for weeks, if not months. When you entrust your home and property to us, you will enjoy greater peace of mind, fewer interruptions, and a plethora of other benefits! Don’t delay, Contact ATAP Today!

Adult flies are more than just annoyances; they are disease vectors. Flies leave dangerous pathogens and bacteria (such as E. coli, which causes Salmonella) behind as they travel from place to place, whether they are resting their wings or looking for food. Flies can pick up a variety of dangerous bacteria and pathogens as they search for food in nearby garbage cans and other places they land. Their unsanitary feeding habits allow them to leave disease-laden calling cards on your food, utensils, plates, counters, and anywhere else they happen to land.

While capturing and/or killing adult flies can be satisfying, this victory can be fleeting if proper precautions are not taken to eliminate the population entirely. To break the breeding cycles of flies, fly control must target their breeding sites. If, for example, a fogging procedure is used, only the flies that are visible to you in light will be affected. These flies will be replaced quickly, and within 24 hours you will be back where you started, possibly even more frustrated, because flies continue to infest your home or business.

Identification of the species of fly is the first step in effective fly control. Flies require very specific breeding mediums that they must discover and exploit in order to lay eggs. Each species is looking for something very specific and is usually distinct from other fly species. The use of large amounts of chemicals, as with other pests, should not be used to manage this problem. Chemical applications, we believe, should be surgical in nature and used sparingly. This method eliminates the problem without increasing the risk level for those who may be affected by the chemicals. Adult flies do not live for very long in many cases, and directed sanitation procedures and non-chemical strategies for the adults alone can effectively reduce or eliminate the flies. ATAP Pest Control’s comprehensive treatment methods enable us to follow proper protocols for these pests while using the least amount of chemicals to solve problems.

ATAP Pest Control believes that a long-term solution requires collaboration between the client and the pest control provider to control flies. The following are the proper steps to take to achieve fly control:

  • Identification of the correct species (of fly)
  • Determine all potential breeding sites (drain, food, etc.) for this fly in the area in question (pest control provider).
  • Determine the appropriate procedures for eliminating the breeding medium (pest control provider); this is typically a sanitation procedure.
  • Implement a sanitation procedure (client/tradesperson/additional pest control service).
  • Determine whether or not procedures are required to eliminate the remaining adult populations (pest control provider). Chemical applications should only be considered after non-chemical relief has been implemented or is not an option in the situation.
  • Determine and correct any contributing factors, also including exclusion issues, to prevent future pest entry (client/tradesperson/additional service provided by the pest control provider).