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Millipedes, sometimes known as “thousand leggers,” are common household pests. These critters prefer to eat moist and decaying wood and vegetable materials, as well as sensitive roots and green leaves on the ground. Many millipede species have glands that emit an unpleasant odour to protect themselves. Millipedes can be found in every state in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. Millipedes, sometimes known as “thousand leggers,” are common household pests. These millipedes critters prefer to eat moist and decaying wood and vegetable materials, as well as sensitive roots and green leaves on the ground. Many millipede species have glands that emit an unpleasant odour to protect themselves. Millipedes can be found in every state in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.


Millipedes are scavengers that eat decaying organic debris in the wild. They eat young plants on occasion, although the harm they cause is rarely serious. Millipedes require a lot of wetness and prefer to hide behind things during the day. Millipedes frequently emerge from their natural homes at night and creep across pavements, patios, and foundations. Millipedes may flock to structures in large numbers at certain periods of the year, particularly in the autumn.


Millipedes can infest food, clothing, and wood in vast numbers, but they do not bite, sting, or transfer diseases, and they do not bite, sting, or transmit diseases. Millipedes are a nuisance just by virtue of their presence, entering crawl spaces, moist basements, and first floors of ground-level structures. When these pests like millipedes are frequently seen indoors, it usually means that vast numbers are breeding outside in the yard, or beneath mulch, leaf litter, or debris close to the foundation. Millipedes cannot survive indoors for more than a few days due to their moisture requirements unless the environment is extremely moist or humid. Contact your local exterminator for millipede control methods if you have an infestation of millipedes on your property.

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You don’t have to tolerate a millipede infestation. Call us and request a free phone consultation for the right millipede  treatment for you. A pest problem demands immediate action for millipedes control inside. Waiting for it to go away, or trying to get rid of millipedes yourself, could be hazardous for you and your family. At ATAP Exterminators, we take an approach to rat extermination that will solve your issues quickly – and in a way that is safe for you, your family, and your pets.

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Openings along the sides of the body of some millipede species allow them to expel a foul-smelling fluid into the environment. It is important to note that this fluid is harmful to tiny animals and pets from millipedes, and it can cause minor blisters on people, underscoring the significance of millipede control.

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We don’t like to brag, but you want to get a quote from us.  Why? We control the millipede problem quickly like other home pest control.  It is our speciality.  Most millipedes are nocturnal and are primarily scavengers, feeding on decaying plants and occasionally dead insects. 🙂  Matter of fact, if you said our name out loud to request a quote, they are terrified and packing their bags right now. We’ve been providing protection in homes for years.  Call the best in the city, ATAP pest control.

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Reducing regions of wetness in and around your home is the most efficient strategy to prevent and eliminate millipede infestations. If your basement is damp, consider using a dehumidifier. Keep lawns mowed to avoid water retention, and water lawns early in the morning to allow grass to dry over the day to prevent from millipedes. Leaf piles and grass cuttings should be removed. Keep firewood away from the ground. Removing or eliminating anything that provide hiding places for millipedes and centipedes outside the home is the most critical step in managing them. Trash piles, boulders, boards, leaf piles, compost piles, and other similar objects should be removed from the immediate vicinity of the house to prevent from millipedes. Second, where possible, physically keep millipedes and centipedes out of the house. Make sure doors and windows are securely fastened, and caulk any holes or crevices that allow them to enter the house. Cracks in the foundation and any gaps above the foundation should be thoroughly filled.

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Amazing work! Very professional and actually removed the problem first time out. I recommend services to everyone looking. Thank you all again
Sharon Benion-EL
I think they are the most knowledgeable pest control company in the city! I would most definitely call them back if I needed any more pest removed.
James Stinger
It's three years later and the millipedes have not come back! My two cats were never affected by the exterminating service. Keith really knows his stuff. I trusted my pets and my house to him and would do it again if we need to.
Lola McKinney

Millipedes Extermination in Chicago, IL

Invading arthropods found in the Greater Chicago Area include millipedes, spiders, centipedes, crickets, sowbugs, pillbugs, earwigs, ground beetles, clover mites, box elder bugs, ants bed bugs, millipede and ladybugs. They’re all bugs that start their existence outside and then move into your home when they’re unhappy with their environment like millipedes. Environmental circumstances, mass reductions in resource regions, and a range of other variables can all contribute to a pest infestation forcing millipede control millipede. Lack of moisture, unfavourable temperatures, the removal of overgrown weeds from an empty lot next door and products, or even lighting that attracts a food source (such as other pests) can all contribute to an increase in the number of invading arthropods like millipedes in your house or place of business.

Understanding the requirements and desires of the pest like millipedes you’re dealing with is crucial to controlling it. Proper identification is the first step in effective pest control treatment for millipedes. We can work to design a plan to solve your pest control problems of millipede once the pest has been detected, taking into account the uniqueness of your case. Not only will we try to understand how the pests like millipedes have adapted to their new environment and ensure that you are happy with the treatment outcomes, but our firm will also provide you with knowledge that may help you avoid future insect problems from millipedes. Outside of a home for home millipede control, for example, the landscaping can often produce conditions that are hospitable to these unpleasant pests. Most conditions can be kept around visually unchanged with particular tactics, but simple alterations remove the microenvironments and dust that allow the insect to thrive and the access points via which the bug can enter the building from plant in yard and lawn. As an illustration, If your shrubs, plant come into close contact with your house, pests like millipedes can exploit these spots as access points to the structure, also similar to freeway exit ramps. Trimming these shrubs back away from the house and dust will also reduce their ability to intrude into your home.

Millipedes, like other arthropods, live outside under plant like until the conditions are no longer favourable products. When their natural habitat becomes too wet, dry, dust, cold, or hot, they migrate to our houses or products for protection. These migrations can contain thousands of Millipedes if the conditions and moisture  are correct. Millipedes spend the day around inside sheltering from direct sunlight, also then emerge at night to forage.

Many times, the regions between our buildings, such as like around gardens, inside bushes, plant and other landscaping granules, are ideal habitats for millipedes wich require pest management. Because these places are located around directly outside of our interior structures, they provide a rapid and accessible escape route for the populace when they are under stress or meet hostile living moisture circumstances outside. The chance of learning future invasions will be considerably lowered merely by control and managing the external environment to reduce the number of prospective invading populations of millipedes near our buildings and lawn. Our organisation can usually build a products plan that will cure and control around your Millipede problem in only one or two visits if the client cooperates.

We’ll start by identifying all of the pests involved, as well as the invading arthropods and their moisture products resources, at A-Alert. We will be able to establish long-term tactics to control and prevent or decrease future insect problems of millipedes by discovering around their moisture food sources and adopting strategies to eliminate them of their food supply. They will continue to establish themselves at home care in your home ,lawn or place of business as long as they have simple access to food and are comfortable control in your building.

Following that, we’ll put in place a plan to expel the population like chemical that has infiltrated your site and products, as well as try terro spray pesticide around to avoid future invasions. Our meticulous attention to detail, along with our experience, has enabled us to assist thousands of clients in similar situations, and we are convinced that we can do the same for you.