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Our bed bug treatment is conducted with the latest equipment. This provides quick and accurate inspections, safe bed bug treatments and hassle free prevention services for bed bug removal. Our care for our customers and drive for innovation is what allows our team to service to residential, and commercial clients at the highest level possible. Talk to us about our proactive treatment programs!

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You don’t have to tolerate the bed bug infestation. Call us for a free phone consultation for the right bed bug treatment for you. A pest problem demands immediate action. Waiting for it to go away, or trying to get rid of it yourself, could be hazardous for you and your family. At ATAP Exterminators, we take an approach to bed bug extermination that will solve your issues quickly – and in a way that is safe for you, your family, and your pets.

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At our pest control company, you will find a professional staff enthusiastic and committed to our common goal: to provide a top quality pest control service.

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We use the newest and most effective equipment for pest control.

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We specialize in bed bug treatment from bed bug removal, to bed bug spray.

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We realize that eco-friendly, green, and organic bed bugs exterminator Chicago process, like heat treatment and freezing, can work as well as chemical processes, so we offer an array of methods based on the evaluation. The most important part is to recognize that the musty smells, rashes (seemingly from bed bug bites), and mattress stains are, in fact, bed bugs. And if there are bed bugs, every nook and cranny needs to be assessed in every living room of a residence or building to ensure that the miniscule bed bug eggs are noted, as well as the nearly microscopic bedbugs themselves.

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If there are bed bugs, then armchairs, table legs, desk chairs, rugs, corners of rooms, and clothes and clutter need to be closely scrutinized and then treated by experts to ensure the fleeing bedbugs do not migrate while the bed bug treatment is under process. If you do have bed bugs, then we can quickly help you get past the problem without having to move out of your apartment. Unlike most companies, Atap Pest of Chicago land team will treat in as few as one visit!

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Amazing work! Very professional and actually removed the problem first time out. I recommend services to everyone looking. Thank you all again
Sharon Benion-EL
I think they are the most knowledgeable pest control company in the city! I would most definitely call them back if I needed any more pest removed.
James Stinger
It's three years later and the ants have not come back! My two cats were never affected by the exterminating service. Keith really knows his stuff. I trusted my pets and my house to him and would do it again if we need to.
Lola McKinney

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 ‘They’re Everywhere’: Woman Says Landlord Won’t Fix Bed …

Bed bugs are little, flat, wingless bugs. They eat blood and can be a problem for people. They are named for their propensity to live on bed mattress or other parts of a bed. They can be found in homes in il, condominiums in il, homes in il, hotels in il, schools in il, dorms in il, shelters in il, offices in il and many other il places.

That regulation is offered here in Chicago il. The requirements established by this regulation follow: The ordinance developed a number of requirements for both property managers and occupants. Amongst these is a requirement that property owners should offer a sales brochure on bed bugs to renters when signing a brand-new or renewing an existing lease or other rental agreeement (note this requirement does not use to owner-occupied structures consisting of six systems or less). The brochure, readily available in English, Spanish, Polish and Chinese, is offered here.

All governing associations need to have actually a written strategy to deal with bed bugs. A sample strategy was created to assist associations in establishing their strategies. That sample plan is available here and notes all of the requirements of the regulation for those who own units within condo or cooperative buildings in Chicago il.

That fact sheet is offered here. Needs every service accredited by the City of Chicago to supply pest control services when a bed bug issue happens on their premises. Restricts hotels or other facilities that provide sleeping lodgings from renting rooms with a bed bug issue. Prohibits the disposal of any bed bug infested item other than when the product is absolutely confined in a plastic bag and identified as being infested with bed bugs.

Requires sellers of secondhand bed linen to provide notices to customers that the bed linen is made in entire or part from secondhand product or has actually been formerly owned or utilized. Requires sellers of new and pre-owned bed linen to inspect it and if discovered to be soiled, malodorous or infested with pests, forbids them from selling it and requires it to be appropriately disposed.

Specifies a Pest Management Professional. Download assistance on how to meet the requirements to become a Pest Management Professional. Guidance in Chicago il on how to select and work with a bug management expert.

Chicago Illinois has actually been listed once again as one of the leading cities for insects! So, if you have them, you’re not alone. With the increase in organization and leisure travel, both here and abroad and the included truth that bedbugs have actually developed a higher resistance to many of the existing pesticides that continue to be used to eliminate them vermins have had the ability to propagate and flourish at will.

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When a number of insect control companies recently launched their rankings of U.S. cities based upon the variety of vermin treatments in 2016, Chicago, regrettably, ranked from number one to number three, depending on whose list you examined. According to a Fox News Health report, here are the top 20 cities with the worst bedbug problems: The map below, offered by Google, tracks day-to-day vermin event reports daily to assist you better comprehend the size and scope of the problem in Chicago and its surrounding locations.

The size, worth, tidiness, or place of a house does not and will not safeguard you from these revolting little varmints. Just diligence and fast action will prevent an infestation. If you believe or understand you have insects, it is really important that you act promptly. Vermins are extremely tough to manage, especially if they are not captured throughout the early phases of an invasion.

ATAP pest control of chicagoland il encourages public awareness throughout Bed Bug Awareness Week Because making a renewal several years ago, bed bugs have proven to be a tough and difficult to deal with pest, infesting homes and hotels, retail places and even locations of employment. Although a year-round concern, professionals from the National Insect Management Association (NPMA) desire individuals to be on high alert previous to heading into the hectic spring and summer travel season, stating this week as Bed Bug Awareness Week.

” Spring and Summertime are prime seasons for bed bug invasions since travel increases and individuals are most likely to select up bed bugs throughout transit in between places,” stated Mario Anthony, ATAP’s Chicago Branch Manager. “We motivate all travelers, from university student getting home for break to households going on trip, to keep a close eye out for bed bugs searching for a ride house in luggage.” Public alertness can start with careful inspections upon check in at lodging accommodations.

Hotels are taking a proactive stance on protecting their establishments from bed bugs with stringent procedures that include routine assessments, but visitors likewise play an important function in bringing bed bugs to management’s attention and to help limit the to other areas. To prevent an unwanted encounter with bed bugs this summer season, shares the following avoidance suggestions for tourists: Does your kid’s dorm room look like this? If it does, then understand that the danger of them getting and transporting them back house this spring is more most likely than if they were tidy.

That’s how they get from one location to another. When things are scattered throughout the small space, there are more concealing locations for the bugs to stake out. Colleges all over the country have actually faced increases in bed bug invasions due to regular taking a trip, moving in and out, and a total lack of awareness of the issue.  We are a bed bug exterminator chicago.  We recommend a heat process for the clothes.  The heat treatment for bed bugs requires our specialists in the windy city to always be ready for il issues when it comes to bed bugs and their solutions.  Our bed bug exterminator is helpful in making sure 

As your kid ends up finals and begins to evacuate to head home in the next month or two, carefully check ALL items returning into your home. Wash anything you can in hot water and dry in a hot dryer, just like the instructions above for travel. The exact same guidelines use.