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We understand that houses in Chicago require highly skilled carpenters and roof specialists, as well as a honey bee removal technician, to not only remove the bees, but also to repair the area where the bees were removed, ensuring that the beehive does not return and the honey bee removal is successful. To ensure hive removal from homes and commercial properties, we offer a full range of carpentry, skilled labor, and professionalism.

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Many honey bee removal companies and local beekeepers lack the knowledge, insurance coverage, and licensing required to protect your property and successfully remove bees from their hive. You are taking a risk if a pest control company cannot provide these immediately or guarantee the work performed. 

Why put your Chicago home at risk of thousands of dollars in damage by hiring untrustworthy live bee removal local beekeepers and honey bee removal services?

Avoid honey bee removal services that offer limited work or perform subpar honey bee removal services that do not restore your home to its original state. Why put your trust in someone who only does minor repairs after bee removals to do the job in the first place on your investment? We have a proven track record of bee removal, repair, pest control, live bee removal, and identifying different types of bees.

Swarm & Bee Control

Congratulations. If you’re reading this, you probably have a honey bee or bee-related problem that requires local bee control, a beekeeper, or safe live honey bee removal services.

Our first safe bee swarm removals, as well as our first honey bee removal services, were performed for friends and family who had honeybee problems, as well as people who wanted live bee removal service. It is where we perfected our “Save the bees” motto and find honeybee removal procedures, encountered our first hive of killer bees, and fine-tuned our live bee swarm and honeybee rescue techniques.

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At ATAP bee company of Illinois, you will find a professional staff enthusiastic and committed to our common goal: to provide a top quality pest control service.

If you see a honey bee swarm or have found a colony on your property, first you need to make sure the swarms is actually of honey bees. You may have yellow jacket wasps or other types of bee.

f you see a swarm of bees near your home, you might be wondering how to kill a beehive. But before you to remove bees, you should know that bees are beneficial pollinators. In fact, a large percentage of the fruits and vegetables you eat are made possible by these insects, specifically honey bees.

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We use the newest and most effective equipment for pest control.

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We specialize in ant treatment from ant removal, to pet friendly ant control.

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We specialize in Beehive Removal, to pet-friendly Beehive Removal.

Bee is a Common Pest in chicagoland

Believe it or not, but ants are actually relatives of bees and wasps. Just like these insects, bees form colonies and are known for working together to achieve common goals. Colonies can range in size from a few dozen to millions. What starts out as a small ant colony can quickly grow into a large infestation.

Ants are found on every continent, excluding Antarctica. They are highly adaptable to any environment they encounter, which can make them a tricky problem. Their ability to work together and divide up labor also makes them highly intelligent. It is almost impossible to eliminate a colony of bees unless you call in the help of a professional team of hive removal specialists to remove bees from the premises. 

While most swarms of bees are not extremely dangerous to humans, there are a few that can cause physical harm. Species like fire ants can bite and cause burning stinging pain that is extremely uncomfortable.

Why are there so many bees in Chicago?

Chicago and the surrounding area provide an ideal habitat for honey bee colonies and honey bee nests, and it is one of the metroplex’s most important areas for bee removal services. Mild winters allow bee hives to survive with fewer resources, which contributes to bee colony success. The numerous acres of wetlands support a plethora of vegetation and honey bee-friendly flowers, increasing the survivability of wild honey bee nests.

In addition, the area has many backyard beekeepers who, unfortunately, have honeybee hives that swarm and add to feral honey bee populations, necessitating honey bee control.

As an example,  we remove 30-50 owl boxes of honey bees each summer! That is a plethora of new bee hives!  Bees getting busy, not to mention, hornet service.

Older homes in the area also provide plenty of space for honey bees to build hives or establish new bee colonies. Homes were not built to be as airtight against bees as they are today, and they would “breathe,” which is a nice way of saying there are lots of little holes and gaps for bees to build a new bee nest.

Many of the bee colonies for which we provide live bee control in the area are established bees nests. Some of the most difficult bees removal service jobs we’ve had were honeybee hives, which were frequently found in older wooden uninsulated garage walls, under the house or garage foundation, or in the eaves of ranch style homes. We see homes infiltrated after squirrels or tree rats gnaw into soffits or eaves, providing the ideal entryway for new wasps swarms to establish new honeybee hives. We do find some bee colonies in dying trees, particularly cottonwood trees, hackberry trees, and elm trees, as these hollow out and provide the ideal environment for honeybees to establish new honeybee colonies, necessitating safe honeybee removal services.

So, if you have any questions about local honeybee removals, please contact us for free, no-obligation quotes from local beekeepers. We promise to respond quickly and to assist you with any honeybee-related issues. We will safely remove bees from your home using cutting-edge technology, and we will provide a warranty list if they return.