Bartel Grassland Land and Water Reserve

The 585-acre Bartel Grassland and Water Reserve is a flat, wet landscape that was formerly used for agricultural purposes and is now home to a growing number of native plant and bird species. It was formerly divided into sections by hedgerows. Visitors are able to see how natural processes have been encouraged thanks to restoration efforts thanks to an observation area that features a mound.

Restoration efforts have opened up the landscape and encouraged natural habitat in what was formerly used for agriculture but is now home to a wide variety of native plant and bird species. Bartel Grassland is one of the areas that has benefited from these efforts.

Openlands has been in charge of restoration efforts at the Bartel Grassland Land and Water Reserve since 2008, as well as at the recently designated Bobolink Meadow Land and Water Reserve, which is situated within the Tinley Creek Wetlands. Together, they have developed into an area that is popular among birdwatchers due to the high quality of the habitat they provide for avian inhabitants. The Orland Grassland Land and Water Reserve is another legacy project of Openlands, which has created a network of pristine grassland and wetland habitats in southern Cook County. The two nearby sites are both in proximity to this reserve, which is located not far from either of them. Read more about Thorn Creek Woods Nature  Preserve.  Contact Atap if you want to rid of pests; if you’re situated in Park Forest, il. Or call them at 773-701-7705.

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