What Do Norway Rats Eat

Rats typically pounce on opportunities to eat. They will consume a variety of foods, including fallen fruit and animal carcasses. They have a wealth of resources available to them in human habitats. Certain rat species may have a preference for particular meals. Norway rats frequently favor diets heavy in protein, like leftover meat or pet […]

Norway Rats Vs Roof Rats

In Chicago, there are two types of rats. If your home becomes infested, you may be wondering how to distinguish between roof rats and Norway rats. Roof rats go by a variety of names, including palm tree rats, black rats, ship rats, and house rats. Norway rats are known by a variety of names, including […]

Best Poison For Roof Rats

Rats on your property are never a good thing, especially if they’re inside your home. Their scurrying can keep you awake at night, and they leave debris and feces wherever they go. Sometimes rats in attic removal cost you an arm and leg but today we’re going to share some ways through which you control […]