Mice In The Kitchen? Cook Up A Removal Plan

Mice in the kitchen isn’t the most pleasant surprise on your home’s floor. A mouse might also signal the presence of other mice in your walls. A rodent in the kitchen gives any homeowner goosebumps. Mice love to hide under fridges and stoves. The kitchen provides food, water, nesting and hiding places for mice.   […]

How To Help Keep Rodents Out Of Your Shed This Winter.

How To Help Keep Rodents out Of Shed This Winter. Sheds are ideal for storing lawn and garden equipment. They’re also useful for storing stuff you don’t use often. But sheds also provide excellent winter housing for rodents.   It’s a good idea to think like a mouse or a rat while trying to figure […]

7 Problems Mouse Cause In The House

ATAP Pest Control is one of the best mouse exterminators in Chicago companies that get rid of mice from your house. Call ATAP Pest Control to grab authentic services at (708) 980-0092. Mice may appear to be adorable creatures, but they may carry disease, cause damage to your home, and generally do not make acceptable […]