How To Help Keep Rodents out Of Shed This Winter.

Sheds are ideal for storing lawn and garden equipment. They’re also useful for storing stuff you don’t use often. But sheds also provide excellent winter housing for rodents.


It’s a good idea to think like a mouse or a rat while trying to figure out rodent prevention techniques for your shed. Shelter from the elements and food supplies are two items that are likely to be at the top of these beasts’ considerations. If you can get rid of these, your chances of finding mice and rats in your shed will be substantially reduced.

Here are some suggestions to help you lower your chances:

Reduce the appeal of your shed as a refuge.
Look around the outside of your shed for any holes or cracks. Any that are larger than a dime should be sealed, as most mice will be able to squeeze through spaces that small. Make sure there’s no room under doors or near windows, and don’t forget to block entry points surrounding the shed’s roof. Mice and rats want water and food, and if neither is available in the shed, they must be able to readily travel in and out to obtain it.

Remove any sources of food that could attract rodents.
If you provide a continuous supply of food, rats and mice will quickly establish a winter basecamp in your shed. Rodents will eat various items located in a shed. House mice, for example, are seed experts who would eat everything connected to seeds. Rats are omnivores, meaning they will eat anything that smells good. That’s why it’s crucial to store birdseed, pet food, and other such items in airtight containers to prevent them from sniffing it out. Rodents will eat wildflower seed, grass seeds, and other similar items, so keep them closed up as tightly as any animal feed.

Will Rats and Mice Be Hindered by Mothballs?
Because mothballs are ineffective at keeping rodents away, they should not be used for rodent control. Follow these steps to maintain your shed mice-free so you may store your belongings inside with confidence. For more information on How To Help Keep Rodents Out Of Your Shed This Winter visit

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