What Do Norway Rats Eat

Rats typically pounce on opportunities to eat. They will consume a variety of foods, including fallen fruit and animal carcasses. They have a wealth of resources available to them in human habitats. Certain rat species may have a preference for particular meals. Norway rats frequently favor diets heavy in protein, like leftover meat or pet […]

Are Norway Rats Dangerous

Norway rats are a type of rodent that can be found in and around homes. They are thought to be of Asian origin and can live in or around residential homes in almost any climate. Norway rats are large rodents that grow to be about eight inches long. They have a long, scaly tail and […]

What Do Norway Rat Holes Look Like

Rats use their strong teeth and dexterous paws to dig burrows. In some cases, they can even chew through concrete to create entry holes. To defend yourself, you must know how rats enter homes. What do Norway rat holes look like? Burrows and entry points come to mind when imagining rat holes. These holes can […]