Your exterminator rat bait could be disappearing for a variety of reasons, but the most likely is that, depending on the type of bait used and the type of trap utilized, a variety of pests are discovering it.

Pests that steal bait are classified as follows:

Rat Poison Keeps Disappearing

Baiting Mice Suggestions

Mice are sneaky rodents who can eat the bait without being noticed. Here are a few baiting suggestions:


Mice and Other Pest Signs

If you haven’t found any new mouse droppings, your original problem may be solved. If that’s the case, it’s necessary to reexamine the evidence to see if the problem is caused by mice or by another pest, such as cricket or cockroach droppings, which are similar to mouse droppings and may require a professional rat exterminator Chicago eye to discern between the two.

The only way to establish the most effective and efficient management method is to correctly identify the pest.

To stop catching and baiting until mice, other pests, or signs of pests show up, it may be a good idea to stop. After you remove the bait, call an exterminator who can look at the area, look for signs of an infestation, and suggest or offer the best way to get rid of the bugs.

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