Be Smart Before Using Squirrel Bait

Be Smart Before Using Squirrel Bait   The use of squirrel poison or trap bait to remove squirrels is prevalent among homeowners. A DIY project may rapidly go bad, even when well-intentioned.   When rodents like squirrels cross our paths outside, we don’t think much of them. They can appear pretty innocuous as they go […]

How To Identify Mouse Droppings

How To Identify Mouse Droppings A single mouse scurrying through your house is unpleasant, but a trail of mouse droppings could be a sign of something worse. Mice infestations are a common problem among homes, and you don’t have to wait for them to appear before taking action. Take action as soon as you see […]

How To Help Keep Rodents Out Of Your Shed This Winter.

How To Help Keep Rodents out Of Shed This Winter. Sheds are ideal for storing lawn and garden equipment. They’re also useful for storing stuff you don’t use often. But sheds also provide excellent winter housing for rodents.   It’s a good idea to think like a mouse or a rat while trying to figure […]

What Can Mice Chew Through

Some people regard mice as cute, little animals that they would love to have as pets, while others flee when they see one scurrying across the kitchen floor. Keeping pet mice in appropriate cages is one thing, but attempting to keep wild mice out of your home is quite another. Mice are nibblers when it […]

Diseases from Mice

It’s difficult to stay healthy during the winter, especially with the flu and common colds on the rise. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider the threat that rodents pose to our health and property at this time of year. Every winter, an estimated 21 million homes in the United States are invaded by rodents, and an […]

Rodent Removal

We got a call from a customer called in with a problem with rats in an apartment unit he owns in Country Club Hills. He didn’t know if it was rats or mice that were in the apartment. We set up an appointment for the following morning. With inspection, we found that the issue was […]

How to Get Rid of Mice in Home

A customer called in with issues with mice/rats for his home. We set up an appointment for the same day. We inspected the home and discovered how the mice were traveling through the home. We put in steel wool to cover holes where the mice are entering the home kitchen area. We placed traps and […]

Pest and Rodent Control Near Me

A property management company called in with an issue with mice in the attic in one of their properties. We scheduled an appointment for the next day to inspect the attic with the Manager. We noticed quite a lot of mice droppings in the attic space so we treated for mice with traps and poison. […]

Rodent Control Services Near Me

A customer was having issues with mice in her home. She hears them moving around and feels they are coming in through the garage. I Explained that we will do an inspection of the home and trap and poison. We set up an appointment for the same evening. As we are inspecting the home, we […]

Need to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home

A customer called back about some mice that were taken care of about 2 weeks ago. The mice have cleared up but they have seemed to have gone to the apartment next door. An appointment was set for the following day for the next-door apartment. We treated for mice and will follow up with the […]