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Our pest control termite treatment is conducted with the latest equipment. This provides quick and accurate inspections, safe termite treatments, and hassle-free prevention services for termite control. Our care for our customers and drive for innovation is what allows our team to service residential, and commercial clients at the highest level possible. Talk to us about our proactive Chicago termite treatment programs!

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You don’t have to tolerate the winter termite infestation. Call our Chicago pest control for free phone consultation for the right termite inspection and treatment for you. A pest removal problem demands immediate action from local home pest control companies such as ATAP Pest Control. Waiting for pests to go away or control themselves, or trying to get rid of them yourself, could be hazardous for you and your family, especially in cold weather when the snow starts to fall. At ATAP Pest Exterminators, we take an approach to Chicago termite inspection and pest extermination that will solve your pest issues quickly – and in a way that is safe for you, your family, and your pets.

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At our Chicago pest control company, you will find a professional home pest staff enthusiastic and committed to our common goal: to provide a top-quality pest control service.

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Protect your Chicago IL home investment in the winter with treatment against termites and prepare for the next summer.

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We specialize in getting rid of termites. Save your Chicago home from the destruction of termite infestation this winter.

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Amazing work! Very professional and actually removed the problem first time out. I recommend services to everyone looking. Thank you all again
Sharon Benion-EL
I think they are the most knowledgeable pest control company in the city! I would most definitely call them back if I needed any more pest removed.
James Stinger
It's three years later and the ants have not come back! My two cats were never affected by the exterminating service. Keith really knows his stuff. I trusted my pets and my house to him and would do it again if we need to.
Lola McKinney

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Where Do Pests Hide During the Winter?

Insects are ectothermic, which means they have cold blood, similar to reptiles. Because this creepy crawlies are ectothermic, they are especially vulnerable to cold temperatures, and winter can be a lethal time of year for many sorts of bugs. As a result, these pests have developed several strategies to not only cope with but also survive the yearly winter.


Similarly to birds, many flying insects have begun to migrate throughout the chilly winter months. The monarch butterfly, which migrates south each year between August and October, is probably the most well-known insect known to participate in such migration.


After examining insect migration patterns, it was determined that insects east of the Rocky Mountains prefer to spend the winter in Mexico, whilst that west of the mountain range prefer to spend the winter in California and neighboring areas.


Diapause is the insect equivalent to hibernation. These insects, like bears and other hibernating species, will undergo an extremely deep sleep in which their metabolic activities slow to a halt. At this point, the bug is surviving on stored energy, which can last for up to a year in some organisms. When the weather begins to warm up again, the insects will awaken.

During this time, insects will frequently engage in one of the following behaviors to avoid freezing to death: They can reduce the water concentration levels in their own bodies and dilute existing water by injecting more carbohydrates into their cells, allowing them to survive the freezing temperatures. Other bugs’ bodies will manufacture cryoprotectants, which are similar to biological anti-freeze in the form of glycerol.


Hibernating insects seek refuge to be warm while also avoiding being hunted by wintry opportunists. Surprisingly, certain plants’ inherent defenses can construct these insect houses. When an insect attaches itself to a plant, it will retaliate by producing defense layers that will eventually encase the bug. While this is detrimental to the plant, it is extremely advantageous to the hibernating insect. Other insects will burrow into the ground to keep a relatively constant temperature and to provide a layer of protection because it is difficult for scavengers to dig through frozen solid earth. Others find their way into houses…

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ATAP Pest Control of Chicago encourages you to get your termite home assessment done ahead of time, you have time to search for the most affordable bid. If the work is done correctly, the Chicago termite company will return to reinspect the work and release a clear report. That’s all you require to satisfy your obligation.

If it takes you longer than 4 months to list and close escrow on your Chicago home, you might have to purchase a brand-new examination. And just in case you believe your home may not have termites, a termite inspector when put it to me in this manner, “In Chicago, every home has potential termite problems.

Termites can quietly destroy a home in just a couple of short years. The damage they develop will not just result in costly repair work, however, it can likewise lead to losing a property sale either as a purchaser or a seller. If you are buying a home with FHA guaranteed funding in the Chicago area, the house needs to pass through the needed termite inspection requirement and possible treatment before the FHA loan can close. pest control.


  • These requirements do not use for brand-new construction projects given that there should not be any problem in a new house. The lending institution needs to validate that the home is devoid of termites and other wood-ruining pests and organisms before the home can be financed with a Chicago FHA-insured loan bed.

If that assessment report advises an extra termite evaluation, then the lender must secure a copy of that too. Dangerous soil solutions for termites are not permitted if a well is used for the water system on residential or commercial property. pest control. An exception can be made if the lender gets guarantees that the treatment will not hurt the water system.

  • This individual should inspect the border of the foundation looking for possible termite invasion. This appraiser does not have to be a licensed termite inspector. pests. In addition, the examination procedure will not be as in-depth as a paid evaluation from a certified termite professional in Chicago. If the FHA appraiser determines any termite damage or proof of previous termite service, then a pest control specialist would be required to likewise inspect the home for termites.

In states where termites are a common issue such as Florida, a termite examination might be needed regardless of whether evidence of termites was found. The exception to that would be if the house was constructed with the approved products referenced above. There may also be regional requirements over and abovewinter termite treatment chicago the standard FHA termite examination requirements.  Property owners often sustain thousands of dollars in damage, despite their finest efforts to pest control and deal with termites. pest control. With this in mind, it’s worth considering enrolling in a termite security plan. A protection plan is more than just a basic insect control plan.

The bug control business concurs to routinely check for termites, treat any found, and spend for any damage that the property owner may sustain (pests). This provides you assurance, making sure that even if termites do trigger any damage to your home, you won’t end up footing the pest control expense.

Other bugs flourish in humid environments in the home, too, which suggests moisture control is an excellent way to minimize your total vulnerability to a range of bug problems. Consider installing a dehumidifier if you have a wet basement or crawlspace beneath your Chicago home. If you have dripping pipelines, faucets, or other sources of water contributing to your home’s humidity level, make sure to attend to these individuals. bed.

Bugs typically enter your Chicago home through little cracks and crevices, and removing these points of entry will reduce your danger of a problem. Check to see if any weather condition removing around doors or windows requires changing, and inspect your home’s foundation and basement for any fractures or openings to the exterior – bed.

  • If you’re already handling an invasion, you must contact Chicago termite treatment pest services experts to control insects and get them treated. Home termite control and service require the help of a park professional technician (pest control). Termites can trigger countless dollars of damage to your home, and can even threaten its structural integrity. If you’re wondering how to eliminate termites, the response is basic: call a treatment installation expert company like ATAP Pest Control. Get your home termite removal treatment done now with no hidden fees and contracts!

In addition to dealing with any existing problems you may have, our Chicago Home Guard Defense provides you comfort understanding that your home is safeguarded from future invasions. The House name program consists of $250,000 in termite damage coverage, as well as a $0 deductible. pests. Wish to center your house with more than just a bed? With our Home Shield Premier Protection, you’ll get all the advantages of our home Termite Defense program– consisting of $250,000 in damage protection with no deductible– along with security from other troublesome pests.

Anxious you might have them? Afraid your home is at risk of damage? We can assist – bed. Click here to set up a termite treatment with an ATAP termite exterminator today.