How to Get Rid of Mice In an Apartment

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Are you aware of the faint sound of scurrying tiny feet on your floor? It can be frightening to discover a petite intruder. Mice are frequently challenging to detect in the absence of tangible proof. Additionally, they, like other pests, might enter your home without warning.

How to Get Rid of Mice In an Apartment

Mice may not be living in your home at all, but instead going through to one of your neighbors’ homes, which may not value a clean environment as highly as you do. Seeing or hearing a mouse, on the other hand, can signal the start of something much more significant, such as an infestation.

If mice become a problem, follow this step-by-step instruction to eliminate them permanently.


Do you believe you have nighttime visitors? If you suspect mice are infiltrating your space, the following are some telltale signs:

Noises: Mice scratch their feet and squeal their mouths. They are active at night and can be heard running across the floor or through the walls.

Droppings: The most evident indicator of mice in an apartment or house is droppings. It is a good indication that they have already discovered a food source. However, Mouse excrement resembles pellets and is approximately the size of a small paper clip.

Odorous: Do you detect an odiferous odor? Is it slightly musk-like? It is, after all, mouse urine, and it will be more unpleasant in regions where mice congregate, such as the nesting site.

Food Bags: Mice are chewers, and holes in food bags indicate that you have discovered their food source.


Your property manager, like you, does not want mice in the unit. They may contact pest control to come out and resolve the issue on your behalf. Or you can contact Chicagoland pest control to get rid of mice from your apartments.


You may be surprised to learn that a mouse can enter a home through the tiniest of openings — as little as a cent! Additionally, simply because you live on a higher floor does not guarantee that you are entirely immune to irritating mouse intruders. Mice can enter an apartment through various entry points, including improperly sealed windows and doors, cracks in the siding, the plumbing, and the air conditioning/heating system. Once you’ve located the access points, contact maintenance to have them repaired.


Most likely, your property manager or landlord will take care of this for you, but if not, there are a few things you can do to eliminate mice. To get rid of mice, you should place Baits and traps in areas where mice congregate, such as beneath furniture and within cupboards – in other words, any dark and sheltered site. The kitchen should be well-protected, as it is their primary source of food. It would be best to place baits and traps beneath the refrigerator, near the stove, or inside the pantry for the best results.

What exactly is baiting?

Mice baiting is a term that refers to the act of attracting rats with a delicious gift without capturing them. Renters use a bait station that contains rat poison; when the mouse consumes the poison, it returns to the nest and dies. While this is a viable option, you will need to remove the leftovers. If you are squeamish or do not wish to injure the mouse, you should choose another method.

What exactly is trapping?

Trapping entails luring the mouse with a reward placed on a specially marked trap. When the web is activated, it prevents the mouse from escaping. There are numerous traps available, including snap traps, glue traps, and humane traps. Your decision for a surprise is almost certainly determined by your level of familiarity with handling a mouse.

What are the distinctions between the traps listed previously? 

Snap traps are baited with peanut butter or cheese and snap shut when the bait is consumed. Glue traps are made of a sticky adhesive that keeps mice from fleeing. However, if these are insufficient, a humane trap may be a preferable solution. These box traps have a one-way door that promptly closes upon activation. It does not harm them in any way, and you may release the mouse outside and go about your day — remove them far enough away from your home that they cannot return. Whichever method you use, keep an eye on the baits and traps every few hours.


The most effective approach to keeping mice out of your flat is to remove their favorite food source. Reduce your risk of infestation by implementing the following preventative strategies and discovering how to get rid of mice from the apartment.

Maintain an Orderly Environment: As in, fold your clothing, store your shoes, and vacuum frequently to eliminate their hiding places.

Steel Wool Patch Holes: This is a temporary solution, but mice cannot chew through the substance. By incorporating steel wool into holes, you can make it more difficult for them to enter your place. However, you should store food in airtight containers. Mice are capable of (and will) infiltrating your cabinets. Non-refrigerated items, such as rice, crackers, and coffee grounds, should be stored in airtight containers to prevent them from contaminating them.

Remove garbage: Keeping the cover on your garbage can prevents rodents from entering. Taking out the trash every day prevents the garbage from overflowing – an attraction for mice.

Disinfect filthy dishes: Dishes heaped high in the sink provide an excellent late-night snack for mice. After each usage, immediately rinse your plates and place them in the dishwasher.

While dealing with mice in your home is not pleasant, you can take the necessary actions to remedy the situation and prevent it from happening again in the future. Notify your property manager immediately if you notice any telltale symptoms, as this will assist in stopping them in their tracks. And if the situation becomes critical and you’re making repeated calls to the leasing office, you can either vacate the premises or inquire about your tenant rights.

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