Do Mothballs Repel Mice?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about pest management, especially about DIY and “natural” solutions. But illicit pesticides raise the ante. Even products used in ways other than intended might have negative impacts. If you want to know if mothballs deter mice, you need know the EPA laws.


While some people advocate for using moth balls for a rodent repellent, doing so in a method that isn’t clearly indicated on the label is unlawful, not to mention damaging to the environment, pets, and people. Like other pesticides, their labeling should define exactly how, where, and when they can be legally used.

Pesticides distributed or sold without a valid EPA registration are classified as illegal pesticides, whereas registered pesticides have been tested for safety by the EPA. So, in terms of the law, do mothballs work for a mice prevention method? No. In reality, these chemicals are solely meant to kill fabric pests like clothes moths. The only time mothballs, repel mice, and insecticides should be used together is to demonstrate their illegal use. Moth balls for mice are one of the many illicit versions of standard insecticides that appear on the market from time to time. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) takes action against the sale and distribution of certain products.

Is it true that moth balls keep mice away? Fiction vs. Facts

Using mothballs to get rid of rats is not only prohibited, but it’s also inefficient. Let’s answer some frequently asked questions regarding this purported eradication process to shed some light on the facts.

Q: Can moth balls be used to get rid of mice?
No, it isn’t. Some people believe that moth balls contain naphthalene, which is a repellent. This pungent chemical, when swallowed or inhaled, can impair the ability of blood cells to carry oxygen. However, mothballs contain very little naphthalene, and utilizing them for mice would necessitate much larger doses.

Q: Is it safe to use mothballs indoors to keep mice at bay?
No, I’m afraid. Mothballs are a potentially dangerous substance. Not only might they be confused for non-toxic things, but new research has connected naphthalene to nose cancer and other ailments.

Q: Do moth balls deter mice from entering your home?
No, I’m afraid. Even if the smell of this insecticide near their nest or in a trap upset them, they would just find a way around it. Mothballs can also contaminate plants, soil, and water when used outdoors.

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