What Do Norway Rats Eat

Rats typically pounce on opportunities to eat. They will consume a variety of foods, including fallen fruit and animal carcasses. They have a wealth of resources available to them in human habitats. Certain rat species may have a preference for particular meals. Norway rats frequently favor diets heavy in protein, like leftover meat or pet […]

Are Norway Rats Dangerous

Norway rats are a type of rodent that can be found in and around homes. They are thought to be of Asian origin and can live in or around residential homes in almost any climate. Norway rats are large rodents that grow to be about eight inches long. They have a long, scaly tail and […]

Norway Rats Vs Roof Rats

In Chicago, there are two types of rats. If your home becomes infested, you may be wondering how to distinguish between roof rats and Norway rats. Roof rats go by a variety of names, including palm tree rats, black rats, ship rats, and house rats. Norway rats are known by a variety of names, including […]

What Do Norway Rat Holes Look Like

Rats use their strong teeth and dexterous paws to dig burrows. In some cases, they can even chew through concrete to create entry holes. To defend yourself, you must know how rats enter homes. What do Norway rat holes look like? Burrows and entry points come to mind when imagining rat holes. These holes can […]

Do Pest Repellers Work on Mice

Pest Repellers

ATAP Exterminators are the best company that does mouse exterminators in Chicago with pest repellers. Call at (773) 701-7705. In many circumstances, do-it-yourself pest management comes with some dangers and disadvantages—and you may end up spending more money in the long run attempting to handle a big problem on your own. Many households turn to do-it-yourself […]

Best Way to Control Mice in Chicago Winter- Rid of Mice

Rid of mice

ATAP Exterminators are the best mouse exterminator in Chicago to get rid of mice from a house in winter. Call at (773) 701-7705. Temperatures naturally drop throughout the winter months, prompting mice to seek sanctuary within your home. Even if you believe all of your home’s holes are shut, mice are adept at wriggling their way […]

Mice In The Kitchen? Cook Up A Removal Plan

Mice in the kitchen isn’t the most pleasant surprise on your home’s floor. A mouse might also signal the presence of other mice in your walls. A rodent in the kitchen gives any homeowner goosebumps. Mice love to hide under fridges and stoves. The kitchen provides food, water, nesting and hiding places for mice.   […]

Do Mothballs Repel Mice?

Do Mothballs Repel Mice? There’s a lot of misunderstanding about pest management, especially about DIY and “natural” solutions. But illicit pesticides raise the ante. Even products used in ways other than intended might have negative impacts. If you want to know if mothballs deter mice, you need know the EPA laws.   While some people […]

How To Get Rid of Mouse In House Naturally

ATAP Pest Control is one of the best exterminators mice Chicago companies that get rid of the mouse from your house naturally. Call ATAP Pest Control to grab authentic services at (708) 980-0092. Finding a mouse in your home does not automatically imply a bad housekeeper; however, ignoring a mouse infestation does. That is because […]

7 Problems Mouse Cause In The House

ATAP Pest Control is one of the best mouse exterminators in Chicago companies that get rid of mice from your house. Call ATAP Pest Control to grab authentic services at (708) 980-0092. Mice may appear to be adorable creatures, but they may carry disease, cause damage to your home, and generally do not make acceptable […]