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When wildlife & animal control goes from being cute to ruining your property or posing a hazard to you and your family, it becomes a nuisance. It is not easy to perform humane removal services for rodents in Chicago. Thank you for your interest in Wildlife Control at ATAP! We specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance animals in a professional and competent manner. We have been in business for some time and are State Licensed to do the work that we do. We are a full-service nuisance wildlife removal firm, and with our comprehensive house/grounds examination, we can give remedies to prevent future animal problems.

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Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention Solutions

ATAP wildlife control services include raccoons, opossums, skunks, groundhogs, armadillos, pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. If you are having problems with these animals, please contact ATAP and one of our team members will come out to evaluate your home for free. Your ATAP consultant will create a plan for animal removal and continuing protection based on what is discovered.

We believe we are the greatest in Chicago. We complete the project from beginning to end. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively. When we find animals inside a property, we inspect every aspect of it, from the ground to the roof, to identify all possible entry points, and we conduct professional repairs with a warranty. We assess the attic for damage and give thorough cleaning services. Attic restoration, permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird avoidance, dead animal removal, odor management, and more services are available. 


We are completely licensed and insured in Illinois and ready to tackle your Chicago wildlife problem. Call us at 773-701-7705 at any time for a phone consultation and price quote. Contact our removal pest service wildlife control company for residential and commercial rodent control & removal now!

Humane Wildlife Removal Services

Local Wildlife Removal

We use a variety of strategies to remove the animal from your home in a humane manner. We create a personalized wildlife removal strategy based on the kind, quantity of animals, and condition of your property. Animal traps, one-way doors, and repellents are examples of humane wildlife removal tactics. Exclusion measures are used once we have determined that all animals have been removed. Exclusion strategies offer a long-term, safe answer to nuisance wildlife in your house. We build barriers to keep animals from accessing resources. We only impose exclusions after we are certain that all animals have left your home.

In Chicago, we deal with & remove several types of wildlife animals from Mice and Rats to Gophers, Bats, Racoons, and Moles with our wildlife removal services. ATAP Chicago wildlife control experts are equipped to keep you safe from them all with our wildlife control services. Call our animal control company to schedule our humane wildlife control service!

Wildlife Removal & Control | Different Wildlife Types & Animal Removal Methods

Chicago Wildlife Animal Removal | Why Choose ATAP?

ATAP Pest Control, the state’s leading wildlife control company, specializes in treating and avoiding a wide range of animal problems. We offer animal trapping of squirrels raccoons rats, dead animal removal, nuisance wild animal control, animal capture, and permanent animal removal from your house or office. We also provide pest control and exterminator services to eliminate ants, spiders, roaches, termites, bees, and other pests. Contact our experts by calling us to receive your free Chicago wildlife eradicating quote over the phone today!

Raccoon Removal:

Raccoons are nocturnal burglars in Chicago. These masked thugs scale trees, chimneys, and spouts, leaving filthy, oily smudges in their wake.

Raccoons have human-like hands, allowing them to move doorknobs, open trash cans, and dig for bugs. Raccoons consume a wide range of foods, including junk food, pet food, garden produce, insects, and even live chickens.

They will force their way into attic vents or beneath decks and porches to get access to your property. If a pet door is left open, they will walk through it. Raccoons will destroy walls, pull insulation, scratch on wood, and leave piles of stinking feces and urine once inside. Because excrement can harbor mold spores and certain raccoons carry diseases, you must contact a Chicago wildlife removal specialist.


We determine the intensity of the raccoon infestation during the inspection. We look for physical evidence such as raccoon excrement and urine stains in or around the residence. We inspect the house’s exterior for damage such as scratches on the boards, broken vents, and screens, ripped apart shingles, wrecked soffits, and every possible entry point.

Trapping and Extraction

The most effective and humane technique to eradicate raccoons is by live trapping or one-way doors. The gadget you choose is heavily influenced by the season and location of the raccoons on your property. Because raccoons are a rabies-transmitting species, direct capture is rarely done. If we must trap, we install traps strategically to catch the raccoons securely, and we check traps regularly by state legislation.


We offer a variety of repair and restoration services. Raccoon damage such as damaged screens on vents and chimneys and broken boards on decks and porches can be repaired. Cleaning chemicals and ectoparasite treatments must be used in raccoon-infested locations.

Bat Control:

Did you know that bats may consume their whole body weight in insects every night? They are also the only mammals that can fly. We need bats in Chicago, but we don’t want them living in our attics or barns.

In Chicago, there are 13 kinds of bats, including big and little brown bats, hoary bats, and silver-haired bats. They are nocturnal creatures that spend the day upside down in dark, dry places.

Bats are a protected species because their survival is threatened by diseases such as white-nose syndrome. Significant occurrences occur throughout the year for bats, limiting removal time. The mating season takes place in late winter and early spring. May to August is the maternity season. Between October and March is the optimum time to eliminate bats.

Bat guano accumulates in your attic or other building while roosting and can seep into your home through holes in the floor. It has a strong odor and stains the walls. Mold spores can also develop in it.

We can get rid of bats for you.


We conduct a thorough inside and exterior check, looking for indications such as rub marks, guano, a strong ammonia odor, and small openings. The accumulation of guano is the most typical symptom (feces).

Removal of Bats

Using a bat valve in conjunction with a full home exclusion is the most effective and kindest technique to eliminate bats. A bat valve permits bats to leave but not return to your home. For humane bat removal, we adhere to all local ordinances. We will never leave helpless puppies in your attic.


After removing the bat valves, we plug the entrance hole(s) to prevent bats from entering your property. If there is a significant amount of guano in your attic, you should consider using our attic remediation services to remove the dirty insulation and replace it.


Tree squirrels in Chicago may jump up to ten feet. This could include anything from the ground to your roof. They are plentiful and always active, gathering and storing food and nesting supplies. They require a location to keep their discoveries. Squirrels will frequently dig holes in your yard and bury stuff. Sometimes they make their way into your attic, crawlspace, chimney, or basement.

Nuts, fruits, bird eggs, leaves, grass, bark, pinecones, grains, and seeds are all favorites of squirrels. Squirrels are content if your bird feeder is well-stocked. To get access to your home, squirrels will chew through siding, timber, and drywall. They will, however, select the easier route if they can enter through already-made holes.

If you suspect squirrels are invading your property, please contact us straight away so that we can solve your rodent problem.


Wildlife experts search for indications such as chewing on, in, or around your property, small openings leading to the attic or crawl space, droppings, and waste such as nuts or nesting material during an inspection. Squirrels can cause damage to beams, cables, pipes, and insulation.

Trapping and Removal

The most effective and gentle techniques to get rid of squirrels are live traps or one-way doors. One-way doors should never be utilized during the birthing seasons (Spring and Fall), thus our experts will choose which instrument is appropriate for the job. If we have to trap, we install traps strategically to catch the squirrels securely and inspect them in accordance with state legislation.


After we have eliminated the offenders, we may restore your house or office by squirrel-proofing any entry points. We may also clean up any garbage, food, feces, or dirty insulation from the nesting locations.

Mice and rats

Illinois has six indigenous mice and two indigenous rats. Non-native animals, such as the house mouse and Norway rat, become nuisance fauna. These two cause building infestations, pollute food and pose a public health risk because of the diseases they carry.

wildlife pest control and removal services

You might be wondering how rodents get into your house. It’s not difficult. Mice can fit through a quarter-sized hole. Rats can also burrow and fit through tunnels much smaller than their bodies.

Rats and mice love to chew on things like flooring, furniture, baseboards, cupboards, food boxes, walls, ducting, and pipes. They chew on anything, including metals and electrical cables. They collect a broad variety of materials to build nests, which are frequently found in ducts, vents, and chimneys, posing a fire hazard.

They also spawn several times a year, with multiple babies per litter. If an infestation is not addressed early on, it can spread swiftly. Call us as soon as you detect a rat or mouse problem.


We extensively investigate your attic and conduct a complete exterior home inspection during a rodent inspection. Gnawed markings, feces, rub marks, nesting material, runs in insulation material, and small access sites are the most prevalent evidence of rodent activity.

Trapping of rodents

A ATAP Pest Control wildlife professional will devise a trapping strategy to eliminate the rodents located on your property. To capture and remove mice and rats, ATAP specialists may employ snap traps and live traps.


Sealing possible entrances are the best technique to prevent the chance of undesirable rodents entering homes. Caulking foundation cracks, capping chimneys, and placing mesh covers over vents and crawl space entrances are all ways of exclusion. Maintenance service is also highly recommended. Rodents have constantly growing front teeth, which allows them to bite a new entrance back into your home.


Skunks are a prevalent nuisance in Albuquerque. These animals are distinguished by their black and white appearance, their proclivity for hunting for food in garbage cans and pet food bowls, and their pungent odor, which can linger for days. If you happen to run into a skunk, don’t try to scare it away. Please keep in mind that skunks might carry rabies, so it’s best to leave removal to a professional.


We will evaluate the state of your landscaping in addition to recording any distinct aromas that indicate the presence of a skunk, as skunks are infamous for chewing up lawns and shredding grass while looking for grubs and insects. We will also look for burrows around the perimeter of your building’s foundations and under decks.

Trapping and Extraction

Never attempt to remove a skunk from your property on your own. Being sprayed is a really uncomfortable feeling. Additionally, these animals may contain diseases that can be transmitted to humans and pets, like as rabies. Our experts will capture and remove skunks using live traps, or they will employ a one-way exclusion device to expel skunks from their harborage locations. Exclusion and habitat modification are the most effective approaches to controlling a skunk infestation.

Skunk Extermination

Exclusion and habitat modification are the most effective approaches to controlling a skunk infestation. The most efficient and long-lasting ways to keep skunks out are to cover foundation gaps, replace and screen broken foundation vents, and install hardware cloth (rat barriers) around vulnerable sheds and decks.

We advise keeping pet food inside and locking any trash cans.

ATAP Pest Control, the state’s leading wildlife control company, specializes in treating and avoiding a wide range of animal problems. We offer animal trapping, dead animal removal, nuisance wild animal control, animal capture, and permanent animal removal from your house or office. We also provide pest control and exterminator services to eliminate ants, spiders, roaches, termites, bees, and other pests.

Trained Experts: Animal removal requires highly trained professionals. As a result, we vet and train our team members to guarantee that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to eliminate any pest from your building. Our wildlife professionals use cutting-edge removal and exclusion tactics, as well as damage repair.
Security: Our number one objective is to ensure the safety of both humans and animals. Our wildlife specialists are trained to safeguard our human customers and keep everyone safe, while also ensuring that the animals we remove for you are handled humanely.
Residential & Commercial Removal Services: Invading nuisance wildlife can wreak havoc on residential and commercial property. Wildlife and pests can cause costly property damage if left untreated. Our qualified personnel can handle any animal removal situation, whether it is a residential property, apartment complex, retail store, office building, industrial plant, medical facility, or warehouse.
Guaranteed ATAP Wildlife Removal Pest Control: Your happiness is always guaranteed. We offer dependable protection against potential intrusions. A nuisance wildlife problem requires more than just trapping and removing the animal. Our wildlife exclusion services provide both immediate and long-term wildlife solutions.

Do you have moles in your yard? ATAP Pest Control provides the most effective mole control and removal options available. We can also assist with mouse management and removal, as well as teach you how to keep mice out and prevent them from returning. ATAP Control can assist you if you have squirrels in your attic, moles in your yard, mice in your basement, or raccoons in your chimney.

Our animal control specialists can manage any wild animal scenario, including bats, birds, raccoons, and squirrels. We also provide varmint management for the occasional snake or alligator infestation. We determine the site of entry, catch or remove the animal, then implement animal damage prevention measures by restoring the area and eliminating entry for the annoying wildlife invading your property in every unwanted wildlife issue. At all of our ATAP Control companies, we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for the most prevalent nuisance animal situations. We can assist you in getting rid of bats permanently, as well as squirrels, raccoons, rodents, and any other animal you may be dealing with.

wildlife pest control and removal services

Wildlife Removal & Control| FAQs

Because our pest specialists are used to removing and relocating wildlife animals, they can enter your home, assess the issue, quickly and safely remove the creatures, and then ensure that no new animals may enter.


What are some of the most prevalent animal issues that Chicago homeowners face?

Animals live in attics, under stoops, on patios, and on decks. Animals chewing up lawns and causing damage to home siding and roofs. Beavers gnaw on trees.

What effect do the seasons have on wildlife activities in your area?

Animal activity is normally slowed by cold weather and progresses toward warmer seasons.

What are some of the most prevalent indications of nuisance wildlife activity?

  • Household noises 
  • Trails cut through the attic insulation 
  • Holes in the earth or rolled sod 
  • Downspout visual footprints

When should property owners contact ATAP Pest Control?

At the first evidence of animal activity, homeowners should call. The longer you wait, the more expensive the service may get. We will be able to inform you what the problem is after an inspection. We can quickly and readily identify which animals are creating the problem and where the animals are getting admission if we have a thorough understanding of the animals we work with. With our skills and extensive knowledge of animals, we work rapidly to solve your wildlife situation.


ATAP Professionals frequently collaborate with wildlife & rodent rehabilitation clinics to reintroduce pests into wildlife preserves. They are also masters at locating entryways that your former wildlife roommates used to gain access to your home and recommending strategies to ensure that no fresh mice use those channels to re-infiltrate your home.

Unfortunately, not all professionals agree that gently trapping and relocating wildlife pests is essential. Those who feel that eliminating pests from the wild is the solution may introduce poisons and deadly traps into your home, endangering your family and pets. When you do engage a professional animal pest control firm similar to ATAP, be sure they employ humane methods to remove and transfer your pesky wildlife animals


wildlife pest control and removal services

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