Are Voles Dangerous To Dogs

Voles are related to mice and rats and thus belong to the rodent family. Voles, unlike their mouse counterparts, do not typically live indoors. Voles spend most of their time outside, digging tunnels to travel through, giving birth to their young, and storing their food. When they dig their tunnels, they can cause extensive damage […]

What Do Voles Look Like

Voles irritate gardeners and homeowners alike! Voles can be identified by the snake-like tunnels that cover your lawn. Here’s how to identify, prevent, and manage your vole population. What do voles look like? What Is the Distinction Between Voles and Moles? First and foremost, voles are not moles! People get them mixed up because both […]

Voles Vs Moles Tunnels

Let’s learn more about voles vs moles and how to identify them so you can kick them out of your lovely lawn properly. What is voles vs moles tunnels? Moles and Voles Moles and voles seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly or stars and stripes. In fact, the only thing these two […]