Mice In The Kitchen? Cook Up A Removal Plan

Mice in the kitchen isn’t the most pleasant surprise on your home’s floor. A mouse might also signal the presence of other mice in your walls. A rodent in the kitchen gives any homeowner goosebumps. Mice love to hide under fridges and stoves. The kitchen provides food, water, nesting and hiding places for mice.   […]

How To Repel Field Mice?

How To Repel Field Mice? Mice and other rodents are typical pests found in and near homes, and they can reproduce quickly, potentially doubling your pest problems. Mice can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes on your property. If you’ve seen mice or evidence of mice outside on your property, it’s a […]

How To Use Glue Boards For Mice?

How to use glue boards for mice ? Glue traps are an effective way to get rid of rats and mice in your home. However, as with other traps, the key to their success is understanding where to place them. Continue reading to learn how glue traps operate, what benefits they provide, and how to […]

Can mice get under my house

It’s common knowledge that mice can get into your home, but can they get under your house? The short answer is “yes” if you have a crawl space. This article discusses the damage mice can cause to your crawl space and how to help get rid of mice in (or under) your Chicago home.   […]

How to get rid of mice

Mice frequently live in hidden areas of homes, such as storage boxes, attics, lofts, and wall interiors. Mice can squeeze through extremely small gaps in floors, walls, and foundations. They can be extremely difficult to get rid of once they have entered a home.   Mice that live within walls rarely leave their nests during […]