Cockroaches Vs Water Bugs

Cockroaches and waterbugs are two completely different sorts of insects, yet their appearance often leads to confusion. The enormous waterbug, also known as toe biter, electric-light bug, or alligator tick, is the most prevalent species of waterbug. The reddish-brown American roach and the shiny black oriental roach are two cockroach species that are sometimes misidentified […]

Cockroaches In Kitchen At Night

It’s late at night, and you’re starving. You go to the kitchen to get a snack and turn on the light. Then your heart starts pounding as cockroaches flee to the nearest hiding place. Cockroaches in the kitchen are both annoying and disgusting, not to mention upsetting. After all, this could indicate that you have […]

Cockroaches Hard To Kill

A burning question that we’ve all asked (or wished we could have asked) at some point in our lives. Why are cockroaches so difficult to eradicate? Cockroaches are among the last insects you want in your home. They can transmit disease, trigger allergic reactions, and contaminate food. Have you ever seen one in your home […]

Cockroaches Coming Out Of Drain

Roaches are among the most unwelcome insects to discover in your home. When most people see a roach, they cringe in disgust. Roaches elicit this reaction because of their association with filthy conditions and their ability to survive in almost any environment. Roaches may appear to be a nuisance to humans, but they play an […]

Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve

Thorn Creek Woods Nature  Preserve Center is located in Will County, Illinois, close to the town of Park Forest. It is part of Will County’s Forest Preserve District. Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve is located at 247 Monee Road in Park Forest, about 0.25 miles north of Stunkel Road. The preserve is open daily from […]

Bartel Grassland Land and Water Reserve

The 585-acre Bartel Grassland and Water Reserve is a flat, wet landscape that was formerly used for agricultural purposes and is now home to a growing number of native plant and bird species. It was formerly divided into sections by hedgerows. Visitors are able to see how natural processes have been encouraged thanks to restoration […]

What Do Norway Rats Eat

Rats typically pounce on opportunities to eat. They will consume a variety of foods, including fallen fruit and animal carcasses. They have a wealth of resources available to them in human habitats. Certain rat species may have a preference for particular meals. Norway rats frequently favor diets heavy in protein, like leftover meat or pet […]

Are Norway Rats Dangerous

Norway rats are a type of rodent that can be found in and around homes. They are thought to be of Asian origin and can live in or around residential homes in almost any climate. Norway rats are large rodents that grow to be about eight inches long. They have a long, scaly tail and […]

Norway Rats Vs Roof Rats

In Chicago, there are two types of rats. If your home becomes infested, you may be wondering how to distinguish between roof rats and Norway rats. Roof rats go by a variety of names, including palm tree rats, black rats, ship rats, and house rats. Norway rats are known by a variety of names, including […]

What Do Norway Rat Holes Look Like

Rats use their strong teeth and dexterous paws to dig burrows. In some cases, they can even chew through concrete to create entry holes. To defend yourself, you must know how rats enter homes. What do Norway rat holes look like? Burrows and entry points come to mind when imagining rat holes. These holes can […]